Adulthood On Delay: Why Millennials Are In A Bind

Image by B Rosen (License CC BY-SA 2.0)


Here’s what I want to know – why did talking about the death of the middle and working classes in America make Bernie Sanders a grassroots phenomenon, make Donald Trump president, but make me a ‘whiny entitled fuck that wants a participation trophy?’

The shit affecting Millennials isn’t affecting only us. Nearly two thirds of Americans across the board, have less than $1000 in savings, and are one emergency room trip away from financial ruin. There’s 318.9 million people living in this country. That means 197.7 million people are living in a constant state of financial despair.

While that linked article blames those numbers on our ‘spend first, think later’ culture, and people living beyond their means, which to be fair, is true in some cases – you would think people might look more deeply into such a widespread state of terror than just taking another opportunity to shit on poor people.

It’s almost like hating poor people is a cornerstone of our culture or something.

“And WalMart isn’t the only corporate welfare queen. The fast food industry is costing taxpayers $7 billion a year, with McDonald’s alone taking up a cool billion of that.”

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Will Student Loans Bring Down Our Economy?

America is the only first world country on Earth where you can go so deep into debt getting the education you need to get a job, that you are financially ruined until the day you die. In some cases, even if you die, they’ll still put those loans on whoever co-signed them. That’s what happened to Steve and Darnelle Mason after their 23 year old daughter died tragically in 2014.

Imagine that, your 23 year old daughter dies, and you spend the rest of your life raising her kids, while paying off an education she couldn’t reap the benefits of.

When you Google questions like ‘What Happens To My Student Loans After I Die?’ you can find all kinds of neat life hacks. You can learn how to trick the system so your kids or your spouse don’t get stuck managing your debt if you get hit by a bus, or come down with some kind of treatable illness you can’t afford the meds for.

“In fact, even during the holiday season, which is pretty much consumer whore bacchanalia, as much as a third of shoppers surveyed said they were cutting down on buying shit in the name of Christ, because of their debt.”

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